Suzuki Sales, Exports Breakup June 2021 – Access, Burgman, Gixxer, Hayabusa

Image – Sinha Suzuki

Sales growth was reported across both domestic and exports – Suzuki Access being the best seller in India

Total domestic sales increased 97.61 percent YoY to 40,474 units, up from 20,482 units sold in June 2020. Suzuki Access scooter was the most sold model in the company lineup in June 2021. Sales which had stood at 15,540 units in June 2020 increased 102.05 percent to 31,399 units in June 2021. Access scooter commands a 77.58 percent share in the company lineup.

At No. 2 in terms of domestic sales was the Burgman, which also posted positive YoY growth. Sales increased 129.14 percent in June 2021 to 7,935 units. Thereafter, sales of Suzuki Access and Intruder dipped 86.14 percent and 90.38 percent to only 42 and 20 units respectively.

Sales of these two models in the same month of the past year had stood at 303 and 208 units respectively. The Hayabusa and V-Strom also added a few units to total domestic sales. Interestingly, Hayabusa sales were more than that of Intruder.

Suzuki exports for June 2021 increased 666.94 percent YoY to 9,188 units, up from 1,198 units exported in June 2020. In export markets it was the Gixxer, Burgman and Gixxer 250 that were most in demand. Gixxer exports increased 371.41 percent to 3,149 units in June 2021 up from 668 units sold in June 2020.

Suzuki India Sales and Exports June 2021 vs June 2020 (YoY)

Burgman shipments stood at 3,392 units, the highest percentage increase of 2,131.58 percent over 152 units shipped in June 2020. Gixxer 250 exports increased 293.81 percent to 827 units in the past month. Hayate, Intruder and Access also added some numbers to exports along with the Lets that saw an 85.71 percent export growth YoY from 168 units in June 2020 to 312 units in the past month.

MoM Sales and Exports

Suzuki Motorcycle India reported a 223.46 percent growth in terms of domestic sales. Sales which had stood at 12,513 units in May 2021, increased to 40,474 units in June 2021. Suzuki Access sales grew 223.50 percent MoM from 9,706 units sold in May 2021. This was followed by Burgman and Gixxer with domestic sales growth of 189.07 percent and 110 percent respectively.

Sales growth was also reported for Intruder, Gixxer and Hayabusa with Gixxer MoM sales growth at 8,516.67 percent to 1,034 units in June 2021 up from just 12 units sold in domestic markets in May 2021. MoM exports increased 37.38 percent to 9,188 units, as against 6,688 units shipped in May 2021.

Suzuki India Sales and Exports June 2021 vs May 2021 (MoM)

In export markets it was the Gixxer and Burgman that were in top two spots. Gixxer exports dipped 10.64 percent to 3,149 units, while Burgman shipments increased 64.66 percent to 3,392 units MoM. Gixxer 250 also saw some growth with exports increasing from 552 units to 827 units MoM but thereafter, Hayate exports fell 16.67 percent to 400 units in June 2021 from 480 units exported in May 2021. Exports of Access scooter rose exponentially by as much as 7,566.67 percent to 920 units in June 2021 from 12 units exported in May 2021.

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