Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor Spied With Single Side Exhaust

New Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 With Single Side Exhaust

A new Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 test mule has been spied testing – Which has a single side exhaust

In the 650cc segment, Royal Enfield offers the Interceptor and the Continental GT. Both these motorcycles are the best selling motorcycles in the segment in the country. They are also the only 650cc motorcycles which are made in India and exported around the world.

These flagship motorcycles have been on sale for a few years now. While it still carries a very minimalistic approach and is far from the sophisticated technologies offered in modern premium machines, it also gets some useful features not seen before from the Chennai-based manufacturer. Earlier this year, they did get a minor update. But it still missed out on features like tripper navigation, which was first introduced on the Meteor 350 last year, and on the Classic 350 in Sep 2021.

2022 Royal Enfield 650 Update

It is likely that Royal Enfield will dish out more updates to the 650 Twins in 2022. Apart from adding Tripper Navigation system, RE could also update the exhaust system. Instead of the twin exhaust setup (one on each side), RE could offer a single side exhaust system, as seen in the latest test mule that was spied near company plant in Chennai.

The motorcycle remains same – twin cylinder 650cc. It is only the exhaust system, which will be routed via a single end-can, instead of the double end-can in current 650 RE. It is not clear as to why Royal Enfield is testing a new exhaust system with single end-can. Many customers who are buying the RE 650, want the dual end-can exhaust.

New Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 With Single Side Exhaust

There could be some benefits though, of the single side exhaust. Reducing the exhaust end can to just 1, will help reduce the weight by a few kgs. The upswept end-can of test mule will reduce the width of the motorcycle, allowing ease of riding in traffic or in tight spaces. It will also be easier to caliberate as well as source – especially in these times of global parts shortage.

Tripper Navigation

Other update expected on board the 2022 650 Twins, is the Tripper Navigation system. This offers turn-by-turn navigation as standard across the range. Meteor 350 was the first bike to be laced with such a feature. It is now also on offer with Classic 350 new gen.

The Tripper comes in two parts- the pod beside the instrument cluster and the mobile app. While the pod acts as a face, the app acts a brain which essentially means that the rider enters coordinates of the location in the app and the display pod shows turn-by-turn instructions of the route.

New Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 With Single Side Exhaust

The app displays information from Google Location and Maps by making use of the smartphone’s processing power as well as GPS for navigation. Using this app also means that navigation won’t be compromised even outside the network coverage area. The display pod not only provides navigation commands with arrows and distances but also captures the rider’s attention by flashing the arrows when a turn approaches close.

With the arrows gradually filling in when turn approaches, it gets caught in the rider’s peripheral vision which tells the rider to take appropriate action without getting distracted from the road. Royal Enfield will eventually offer this on all their current as well as upcoming new motorcycles.


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