HOP Electric Scooters Launch Price Rs 65k Onwards – Up To 125 KM Range

HOP LEO electric scooter

By end of this fiscal, HOP Electric’s portfolio will have a total of five vehicles

Named HOP Lyf and HOP Leo, the two new electric scooters are available at a starting price of Rs 65,500 and Rs 72,500, respectively. Interested customers can pre-book a test drive by registering on the company’s website. Lyf and Leo will be targeted primarily at younger audiences who are more aware about the importance of sustainable mobility.

HOP Lyf and Leo – design and features

Both electric scooters have trendy design and are offered in attractive colour options. Of the two, Lyf appears to be relatively sharper. It comes with a V-shaped front apron with extensions. Another unique feature of Lyf is that it has been equipped with back support. This will ensure comfortable rides for the pillion.

HOP LEO electric scooter

Talking about Leo, the scooter has bold and stylish looks. The front apron is quite different from that of Lyf. Features that are common in both scooters include LED headlight, sporty rear view mirrors, fully digital display, mobile charging port, and front storage space. Both scooters have comfortable ergonomics for rider as well as pillion.

HOP Lyf and Leo – engine and specs

The motor used on HOP Lyf can generate 2000w of max power. Top speed is 50 kmph. Range is 125 km when a dual lithium-ion battery pack is used. The scooter will be offered in three variants, Lyf Basic, Lyf, and Lyf Extended.

HOP LYF electric scooter

Leo has a similar variant line – Leo Basic, Leo, and Leo Extended. Leo has a higher capacity motor that can generate 2500w of peak power. It has a top speed of 60 kmph. Range is 125 km when used with dual lithium-ion battery pack. Both scooters offer three ride modes of Eco, City and Sport.

HOP LYF electric scooter

Other key features include reverse gear, park assist, side stand sensors, dual-disk brakes, remote key, anti-theft wheel lock and anti-theft alarm. Customers will also have the option to choose internet and GPS connectivity, which will be offered as accessories.

One of the USPs of HOP Lyf and Leo is that both electric scooters significantly reduce running costs. The average works out at 20 paisa per kilometre. For a 50 km daily commute, the cost will be just Rs 10.

HOP LYF electric scooter Specs

Battery swapping infrastructure

To eliminate range anxiety, HOP Electric is working to develop a vast network of battery swapping stations. This setup will complement the company’s unique ownership model, where customers don’t have to pay the price of the battery.

Anytime they need, users can simply swap their drained battery for a fully recharged unit at the nearest battery swapping station. They will be charged for usage of battery and not the total cost of the battery. HOP is also working to launch its e-bike OXO 100. It will have a top speed of 100 kmph and can travel 100 km on a single charge.

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