What Are Those Huge ATVs Handing Out Kanye West's Yeezy QNTM Shoes?


Modern Notoriety via Twitter

  • Kanye West’s yet-to-be-released YZY QNTM shoes were handed out today in a Chicago neighborhood out of a small fleet of Russian Sherp ATVs.
  • The trucks have been rolling through parts of Chicago today. The shoes are being released for public sale on Sunday, February 16.
  • The Sherp ATV is an off-roader that sits on four oversize wheels and powered by a four-cylinder diesel.

The Sherp ATV: turns out it’s the perfect ride to give away shoes in.

People have been taking to social media uploading videos of a group of black off-road-style trucks driving around Chicago and people giving away Kanye West’s yet-to-be-released YZY QNTM shoes. The Sherpa ATVs were parked in various locations across the city ahead of the February 16 release of the sneaker.

The Sherp ATV is a 99-inch-tall behemoth—that’s 11 inches taller than the Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4²—that sits on four oversize wheels built for off-roading. It’s 99 inches wide, too. The truck can climb up a 35-degree angle and has 23 inches of ground clearance. It’s powered by a four-cylinder diesel 44-hp engine and a five-speed manual (#savethemanuals). It has a maximum speed of 24.5 mph—and a maximum speed of 3.7 mph on the water, if it comes to that.

You may have the feeling you’ve seen this vehicle before; a Sherpa ATV made an appearance in Kanye West’s “Follow God” music video, a track off his latest album Jesus Is King.

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